Sunday, August 8, 2010

It’s been a while, actually a LONG while, since we updated the blog. Let me bring things current.

Tyler update:
On April 29, Tyler had surgery to remove the cancerous bone tumor. Doctor Randall removed 10 cm of the upper part of his humorous along with the rotator cuff and surrounding tissue. As planned, the Doctor detached his 10 cm clavicle (collar bone) and rotated it horizontally to attach to the remaining part of his humorous. For the more medically advanced, this rare procedure is known as clavicular post humeri. To say Tyler was a trooper through the whole ordeal would be an understatement. We continue to marvel at his ability to adapt. After three months of healing and mild physical therapy, he’s ready to start more intense rehabilitation. So far his arm works really well when his elbow is bent and his hand is out in front of him. He can do most anything with his hands. Tyler surprised us the other day when he hopped on his bike and took it for a spin around the block. When he was finished with that, he took the scooter for a trial run too. He said it felt pretty normal. We were excited to tell the doctor, but unfortunately doc said bike riding was outlawed for the next little while. They want the bone to heal real well before Ty starts doing risky things.

It’s August now, and we’re on the down heal slope with Tyler’s chemo. With four more treatments, we should be done mid September. Although this is a huge relief, the last four will probably be the hardest. Ty’s little body has been through the ringer, which makes it harder and harder to bounce back. After doxorubicin Ty usually has unplanned visits to the hospital to work through fever, dehydration and painful mouth and throat sores. Actually, we’re at the hospital today. This week Ty’s had two blood transfusions and platelet stimulation shots to help his body recover. If his ANC (absolute neutrophil count) is good tomorrow, and he can eat and drink without pain meds, we’ll be going home.

The Make a Wish Foundation contacted us a few weeks ago. Apparently someone nominated Tyler to make a wish. Nate, Zach and Sammy have been helping Tyler say things with the word Disney in it. Truth is, Tyler will probably pick a new set of Legos. Whatever the outcome we are just grateful at the generosity of the sponsors.

Other family notes:

Nate got back from trek last week; he had a great time. Came back a new man actually. He’s also playing football again so he’s busy with two-a-days. Nate will be a ninth grader this year. Any takers for early morning seminary chauffeuring? j/k

Zach spent the better part of the summer playing baseball. Either on the diamond or work-ups in the park, I never saw him without his mitt. In fact he pretty much slept in his cleats and batting gloves. However, thanks to the World Cup, Zach switched his fall profession to soccer.

Sammy spent the summer on a perpetual vacation. There’s not enough space on the Internet to list where she’s been. Cousins, campouts, Lagoon, sleepovers, swimming were just a few activities. Sometimes turn-around between events was mere seconds.

Since the kids are playing sports, it looks like our fall lineup is complete. With the increased metabolism going around, we might have to hijack a passing grocery truck to stock the pantry. Actually, we’re looking forward to hospital free days this fall. It couldn’t come soon enough.