Sunday, April 4, 2010

Weekend Getaway

A few weeks ago we escaped to St George for the weekend to watch the Sunshine Tournament. My extended family goes every third week of March to enjoy the year’s first hint of sunshine, watch a little baseball and hike the red rock. This year I guided a carload of family on their maiden voyage to Angel’s Landing in Zion National Park. Nate, Zach and I went last October and it was a blast! Angel’s Landing is a very simple hike with the occasional 1300-foot drop, just a step off the trail. Now we didn’t expect snow, but unfortunately we hit an impassible patch just 100 feet from the summit. For those familiar with Angel’s Landing, we made it to the last set of chains before the top. (The chains are to steady your balance, so you don’t fall off the mountain). Needless to say, Angel’s Landing is not for the ‘heights’ sensitive hiker.

The rest of our stay was spent swimming, eating at Texas Roadhouse (the kid’s favorite, and Grandpa Errol’s treat), enjoying the sun and watching the Spanish Fork Dons cream every team they played. I have yet to see the Dons take a team all 7. They usually win in 4! I think the Dons have won the Sunshine Tournament for the last 100 years! Anyway, my Nephew Dallas is a senior this year, so this will have been the last hurrah supporting the family for a while. We’ll still go to the Sunshine Tournament of course. It’s been a family tradition for as long as I remember.

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  1. I love St George. We have often thought of moving there, but I will absolutely not go on that hike.